5 Benefits of Elderberry

Sambucus nigra

1. Elderberry is an excellent immunomodulator, meaning it can assist the body in regulating it’s immune response to the appropriate level needed for the situation.

2. Elder flowers are a tried-and-true diaphoretic,  encouraging perspiration and the release of heat from the body, useful for colds, flus and fevers.

3. Elderberry is a powerful anti-viral. It directly inhibits the influenza virus by disarming the virus of its ability to invade healthy cells and multiply.

4. Elderberry contains anit-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents, which can benefit a large range of conditions from allergic reactions to atherosclerosis.

5. Elderberries and elder flowers are gentle enough to be used with babies, children, and the elderly, as well as those with compromised immune systems.


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