Natural Look Mineral Make-up Makeovers

Here you can see our Natural Look Mineral Makeup on real people! Our Herbs of Grace makeover models are glad to share their mineral makeup secrets with you. If you love our makeup as much as we do and would like to be featured on our mineral makeup makeovers page, please contact us for details.

clarise 1, cropped

Model: Clarissa
Foundation: Linden
Concealer: Linden
Eyes: Oatstraw over entire lid, Cinnamon in crease
Eyeliner: Chocolate Lily
Eyebrows:  Chocolate Lily
Cheeks: Rose Petal
Lips: Rose Petal and Tangerine Lip Conditioner



Model: Vanessa, Herbs of Grace Owner
Foundation: Fig
Eyes: Queen’s Cup over entire lid, Calypso in center of eyelid and Mulberry in crease
Eyeliner: Gentian
Eyebrows: Gentian
Lips: Berry Lip Luminosity with Mulberry overlaid with Primrose
Cheeks: Primrose


scarlet 1, cropped

Model: Scarlet
Foundation: Amaranth
Eyes: Oatstraw over entire lid and Cocoa in crease
Lips: Tangerine Lip Conditioner with Peach
Cheeks: Apricot
Cheek highlight: Goldflower


Mineral Makeup Model

Model: Annie Lorrie
Foundation: Raisin
Concealer: Fig
Eyes: Mulberry and Dark Plum over entire lid
Eyeliner: Dark Plum
Lips: Primrose and Lip Balm: Berry Luminosity


Mineral Makeup Model

Model: Vanessa, Herbs of Grace Owner
Foundation: Almond
Eyes: Apricot over entire lid and Cocoa in crease
Eyeliner: Indigo
Lips: Azalea
Cheeks: Apricot
Cheek highlight: Oatstraw

Mineral Makeup Model

Model: Nicolle
Foundation: Wheat
Eyes: Oatstraw over entire lid and Twig in crease
Eyeliner: Dark Plum
Eyebrows: Dark Plum
Lips: Azalea overlaid with Cinnamon
Cheeks: Apricot
Cheek highlight: Oatstraw


How to Apply Mineral Makeup Videos.

Here is a series of short video clips that will help you understand the fundamental application techniques to use with Herbs of Grace, Inc. Natural Look Mineral Makeup.

Special thanks to Venice, CA makeup artist, Jenny Karl. Check out her website at

You will be leaving to view these videos:

Supplies for Mineral Makeup

Applying Mineral Makeup Translucent Powder

Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Base

Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Color

Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Crease Color

Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeliner

Applying Mineral Makeup Bottom Lid Eyeliner

Applying Mineral Makeup Lip Color

Finish Applying Mineral Makeup

Let your natural beauty shine through with
Natural Look Mineral Makeup
by Herbs of Grace!

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