Mineral Makeup Application Tips

This article is intended not only to share application tips and techniques, but also to troubleshoot any potential problems you may have encountered when working with mineral makeup.

The first point that needs to be addressed is that mineral makeup is much different than most regular commercial makeup, and as such, it needs to be treated differently. One of the biggest differences in terms of application, is that you need much less mineral makeup to get the same coverage results as regular makeup. You may have already discovered this the first time you used mineral makeup. The key is to start with a very small amount and apply in very sheer layers until you reach the desired coverage. It is much easier to add layers than to take them off.

When using mineral makeup, it is best to start with a clean face. Using an all natural handmade soap or facial cleanser will get you off to a great start. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer or cream. It is important to make sure your moisturizer has been completely absorbed by the skin before applying mineral makeup.

Using Herbs of Grace Mineral Makeup Powder/Foundation

Once your moisturizer has been absorbed, you can begin applying your makeup. Start with your chosen shade of Herbs of Grace Powder/Foundation. Tap a SMALL amount of powder into the cap of the container (this can be best accomplished before you remove the cap by turning the container upside down and tapping the bottom lightly) and swirl your Kabuki brush into it. If you get too much, tap off any excess or tap the bottom of the brush on a hard surface, such as the bathroom counter, so the powder gets distributed down into the bristles of the brush. Apply to the face with gentle downward strokes. If you have any blemishes that need covering, it is not necessary to use a separate concealer. Use a smaller brush to apply foundation to problem areas making sure to blend well.

If you prefer a liquid foundation, it is easy to convert Herbs of Grace Powder/Foundation to a liquid. Add a drop of water to the powder you’ve tapped into the lid of your container, and, using the Flocked Sponge, mix the water and powder to the consistency you desire. Apply to the face with the flocked sponge in a downward motion, blending well. You can add more water or powder until you reach the consistency that works best for you. Wipe any excess liquid from the lid before closing.

If you have very dry or flaky skin, you can use a small amount of your favorite moisturizer in place of the water to make a cream foundation.

Herbs of Grace Powder/Foundation can also be used to set your makeup after you’ve applied eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. Tap a very small amount of powder into the lid of your container, and as before, use your Kabuki brush to apply a very sheer layer of powder over your entire face and neck.

Alternatively, you can mist your face lightly with water or rosewater and after waiting a minute, use your Flocked Sponge to lightly go over your face in a downward motion. This not only helps to set your makeup, but also minimizes the appearance of large pores.

Using Herbs of Grace Natural Look Mineral Makeup Colors

You can choose any shade from the Herbs of Grace Colors palette for use as eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, lip liner, brow liner, bronzer, body shimmer or even nail polish! It is best to apply the colors in sheer layers to create anything from a soft healthy glow, to a more opaque evening look.


After you have chosen your desired Natural Look Color, tap a small amount of powder into the container lid and use the fluff side of the Duo Angle/Fluff Brush or Vegan Duo Mini Makeup Brush to apply in light stokes on your eyelid. Use lighter shades for highlighting under your brow and medium shades for the lower part of your lid. Darker shades are perfect for the crease of your lid. If you have never used a Crease Brush before, you will be amazed at the ease with which it allows you to apply perfect color to the crease area of the eyelid. It is definitely a great addition to your makeup brush collection.


Choose a darker shade of Natural Look Colors for lining the eye. You can achieve a smoky look by using the powder dry, applying it with the Eyeliner Brush or the slanted side of the Vegan Duo Mini Makeup Brush as closely to the upper and/or lower lashes as possible and smudging or blending a little to create the desired look.

For a cleaner line, create a liquid by tapping some powder into the container lid and wetting the brush. Mix the water on the brush with the powder until you achieve the desired consistency. Then line the eye as closely as possible to the lashes. Wipe any excess liquid from the lid before closing.


Again, tap a small amount of the chosen shade of Natural Look Color into the lid and using the Blush Brush or Vegan Blush Makeup Brush, apply in light strokes from the apple of the cheek outward along the cheekbone.

Lip Liner

There are a couple of ways to apply Herbs of Grace Natural Look Colors as lip liner and lipstick. To create a liquid liner, use the same technique used with the eyeliner above. Another effective technique is to first apply clear lip balm to the lips, such as Herbs of Grace Vegan Lip Conditioner, and then use the Lip Liner Brush or Vegan Liner Makeup Brush to outline the lips with the dry powder from the lid of the container. This creates a nice creamy texture that feels very smooth on the lips.


Use the same techniques for filling in lip color as used with the lip liner.

Brow Liner

Using your chosen shade of Color, tap a small amount of powder into the container lid and apply to brow with the angle side of the Duo Angle/Fluff Brush or the Vegan Mini Duo Makeup Brush.

Bronzer or Body Shimmer

Using the Kabuki or Fan Brush, apply your chosen shade on any area of the body you want to look bronzed or shimmery.

Nail Polish

Use clear nail polish and simply dip the nail polish brush into the desired Herbs of Grace Natural Look Color and apply to nails. Natural Look Colors can also be mixed into clear or colored nail polish to create different shades.

As you can see, Herbs of Grace Natural Look Mineral Makeup is very versatile and can be used in various ways with many techniques to enhance a beautiful, healthy, glowing appearance.

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