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Help and FAQ

FAQ (10)

1. Can you send me free samples?


2. Can you ship items outside the USA?



3. Want to exchange links with Herbs of Grace, Inc?



4. Help! I’m pregnant and I’ve been using the “oils to avoid during pregnancy.” What should I do?



5. Which makeup shades and colors are your models using?



6. Are these products guaranteed to work?



7. Is shopping on Herbs of safe?



8. Does Herbs of accept credit cards?



9. Does Herbs of accept checks?



10. Does Herbs of accept PayPal?



Help (6)



1. Herbs of Browser Requirements



2. Important Information about contacting Herbs of Grace by e-mail



3. Important Information for AOL Users



4. Changing the quantity of products in your shopping cart



5. Redeeming Online Coupons



6. When problems occur


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