ow to Apply Mineral Makeup Videos.

Here is a series of short video clips that will help you understand the fundamental application techniques to use with Herbs of Grace, Inc. Natural Look Mineral Makeup.

Special thanks to Venice, CA makeup artist, Jenny Karl. Check out her website at

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Supplies for Mineral Makeup
Applying Mineral Makeup Foundation Powder
Applying Mineral Makeup Translucent Powder
Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Base
Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Color
Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Crease Color
Applying Mineral Makeup Eyeliner
Applying Mineral Makeup Bottom Lid Eyeliner
Applying Mineral Makeup Lip Color
Finish Applying Mineral Makeup

Radio Interview

Vanessa was interviewed by Ginger Leilani Chapin of the Conscious Lifestyles radio show and MaryAnne Melillo DeFelice of the Mondays With MaryAnne show on 1490 WGCH in Greenwich, Connecticut. Here is a link to the podcast. (MP3, 24 meg)

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Venice, CA makeup artist, Jenny Karl used Herbs of Grace, Inc. Natural Look Mineral Makeup on the following photo shoots.



Vegetarian Times did an article featuring our Oatstraw Natural Color shade!

Celebrity Makeovers

Once again, we must thank Makeup Artist, Jenny Karl, for sending us these photos of celebrities on which she has used our Natural Look Mineral Makeup.

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