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That pesky wabbit! That big white rabbit I was writing about in my previous post, turned out to be a male and yup, you guessed it, knocked up the female he was frolicking with. Now we have 6 baby rabbits! Thankfully all of them are spoken for. V and the kids ended up catching him, so now at least he’s caged, but we do need to find a home for him. (insert favorite expletive here, and begin gnashing teeth)

Pesky Wabbit.

We went camping at our local camp ground early last week. It was a bit cool and windy, but the sun was out and the temperature eventually warmed up. We fished with the kids new fishing poles, played at the play area, hiked, enjoyed the camp fire, roasted marshmallows, stayed up late telling stories around the campfire and took campfire smoke baths. The kids really enjoyed living outside. Hopefully next time, it’ll be warmer and we can swim. All in all, a successful trip.

We received shipment of our new display. The Madrones color palette is timeless and will outlast color swings caused by fads and fashion hype. It includes: 12 basic colors and 6 foundations, that every person needs to maintain a serious makeup collection, and it has 4 extra slots for seasonal offerings. It is ready for placement in retail outlets now. (Press Release)

Madrone mineral makeup display.

Later, Brad

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SNOW!, Rabbits, New Display

April 19, 2008. Woke up to SNOW flurries this morning. Not too bad really, a slight dusting of snow across the yard. Although, as morning progressed, the snow has increased. At 11:00am there was an inch of snow on the picnic table outside the office window. Our breathable house is in need of a heat fix. The pass is reporting 18 degrees with 7″ of new over night. The girls wanted to ski today, but with 18 degrees, I vetoed. We were hoping for a sunny spring day. The ski area closes next Sunday, so we gotta do it next weekend.

Last ski day of the season.

1:00 Update: 3″ of snow on the picnic table, but now we see some blue sky.

We have two female rabbits. They live in their cages, quite happily, along the edge of the garden. Recently, there has been a large white rabbit that has been visiting. We don’t know where it comes from, nor where it goes to when it leaves. It used to arrive around dusk, although it has become quite bold over the past few weeks and makes appearances often, during the day, now. The other day, V came home from teaching her belly dance class, around 7:30. She noticed that Jessica, one of the females, and this new rabbit were frolicing in the yard together. Apparently, the large white rabbit has figured out how to open the latch on Jessicas cage. Anyway, V put Jessica back in the cage and all was safe at Three Girls Grove again. About 15 minutes later, I yells, “Hey, Jessica is in the yard with the white rabbit!” So with a flurry of activity, the three kids dash out the door, round up Jessica and put her back in the cage a second time. This time, adjusting the latch. A few days later, a good friend of ours tells us that rabbits ovulate ON DEMAND, UPON INSERTION! We don’t know if the visiting rabbit is male or female. Time will tell if Three Girls Grove is safe for rabbits. Stay tuned, we may have free bunnys available.

Our new display prototype will be arriving later this week. We have three displays. The Sequoia is our flagship display, that holds our entire product line. The Cedar holds half of our product line, and the new Madrone display will hold about a third of our product line. I’ll post some pictures when it arrives.

Later, Brad

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