Full Circle, Summer Projets, Fall Trade Show

Fall temperatures, shorter days, great flora displays, messing with the clocks and the creek started flowing again, once again brings us full circle. We are getting ready to hunker down for the winter; piling in the wood, one last mow of the yard, putting the yard furniture away. V has been busy in the garden prepping the beds for winter planting. We found an old fiberglass green house back in May. V had it full of starts in the spring and now has different starts for the fall/winter. We have heat lamps for when it gets really cold, but I don’t know if they will be enough to ward off the super cold nights. We’ll see.

Greenhouse and garden.

Did a bit of landscaping this summer. I cleared some scrubby brush and was able to till and grade the area smooth. At least it’s mow-able now. For me, it’s better than trashy looking brush. I also took the tiller to our path system. I have measured a bunch of paths around the yard, but I haven’t done anything but till them. I need to get 6″ of sawdust, or bark chips on the paths to keep the weeds down. Also dressed up the driveway with some additional gravel. Sure looks nice with sharp edges and smooth, even surface. We’ll see how it looks after a couple of months of rain and driving.

New gravel on the driveway.

We have a 100’x150′ pasture area that we have never maintained, so the grass grows to darn near 8′ tall. I took a brush hog to it and made a maze system for M’s birthday party. It was great fun. The grass is tall enough so that the kids can’t see over it. They really enjoyed it.

Oh, and I suppose the highlight of the summer landscaping is the labyrinth.

Yard labyrinth.
Yard labyrinth.

There is only one entrance and one exit. The labyrinth is designed around 7 fruit trees. The paths are about mower width, the flower beds between the paths are about 18″ wide. We’ll plant mint, black-eyed Susans, rosemary and lavender. Should be neat next summer.

We returned from a trade show in Seattle on Sunday night. The show was good for us in that we get to talk with our sales reps and make sure they know how to sell our product line.

Later, Brad

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Lawn repair, Other yard projects and Weather.

We’ve been busy in the yard lately. The biggest chore, besides the constant attention the vegetable garden needs, is the front lawn. I say lawn, when actually, our yard has never been landscaped. The yard is covered with field grass that has been mowed, but it has never been weeded, fertilized, or had any attention payed to it. Before we bought the house, the front yard had been scraped of briars and weeds, and the offending debris, and top soil, were pushed into the ravine. As a result, we had huge patch of clay where nothing would grow. When we excavated the ponds last fall, I had the silt dumped on the bare patch. The dirt sat there, all winter and early spring until it dried enough to til, spread, level, rake and seed. And now grass has sprouted! I’m hoping to mow for the first time before S’s birthday party in early June.

Backyard panorama.
Backyard panorama. Click for larger view.

We have planted two cherry, two apple, two peach, a pear and six quaking aspen trees. Also, hundreds of other odd flowers, bulbs, plants and shrubs that my sister gave us. I even trenched the middle of our well packed gravel driveway and filled it with topsoil so I can plant it. Not sure what I’ll plant. V has some nifty creeping thyme seed that should work well in that area. Something I won’t have to mow.

We had a nice stretch of weather over the past couple of weeks. The nice weather allowed me to get the “lawn” in shape. And luckily, it rained over the past three days, so the seed got some much needed water. I’m sure I’ll have to water for the next couple of weeks, tho. We even burned a fire to keep the chill off the house. We are due for some partly cloudy weather for the next week or so. That will help the lawn. Better than getting dried out with full sun.

I still need to do some tilling around the yard. We have many areas that are in need of weeding, smoothing and planting. Wildflowers here, clover there, anything that doesn’t need mowing. Let me know what works best for ground cover.

Later, Brad

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