Herbs of Grace Natural Look Mineral Make-Up How To Series – Part 9

In this installment of our how-to series, L.A. Make-up Artist, Jenny Karl, shows us how to apply mineral lip color. What do you think?


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Herbs of Grace Natural Look Mineral Make-Up How To Series – Part 2

Here is the second installment in our series starring L.A. based Makeup Artist, Jenny Karl, using Natural Look Mineral Make-Up. In this video she demonstrates proper techniques for applying mineral make-up foundation powder as a liquid.



What you think? Does this help you have a better understanding of how to apply your minerals?



Add a Little Shimmer to Your Holiday Look!

Here’s a great little technique you can easily duplicate to create a natural look for the holidays with a bit of extra sparkle to light up your eyes!


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What do you think? Would you use this technique? What is your favorite holiday look?


How to Apply Mineral Makeup Finalizer

This is the last installment of my video series on how to apply mineral makeup quickly and easily for a very natural look. I talk about finalizer, how to apply it and why it can be a vital piece that allows your entire makeup application to come together flawlessly!


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Please let me know in the comments how you liked this video series. What was your favorite part? Why? Would you like me to do more video tutorials? What would you like me to focus on? I want to hear your thoughts!

How to Apply Mineral Make-Up Blush

My next installment in the video tutorial series is all about blush. It’s short, sweet and easy-to-follow. Applying blush with mineral make-up has never been easier!


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What do you think? Can it get any easier than that? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!