Ok, I think it’s time to make the big announcement….

For those of you who haven’t already heard, our adventures in India are drawing to a close this Spring. School ends May 23 and we will be leaving India shortly thereafter.

The wonderful news is that Brad has accepted a teaching position for the next school year in Berlin, Germany! We will be arriving in Berlin on or around August 1.


The really great news is that we will be coming home to Mossyrock for the months in between! We are so excited to have this opportunity to come home and see all our friends and family, whom we have missed dearly : )

The chance for the girls to get to live in Europe is amazing and we are really looking forward to our new adventure. Brad will be teaching at John F Kennedy School Berlin just a few miles southwest of the city center.



While we are extremely excited about moving to Europe, saying goodbye to Kodaikanal will be bittersweet. We will be very sad to say goodbye to the many, wonderful, generous friends who have made life here memorable and the challenges of India more bearable (and even, dare I say, fun!).



Going to Goa!!!

As I explained in my last post, we are about to start our 6-week winter break. Our neighbors, the Lamberts, have been talking up their winter vacation spot, Goa, so much, we just were not able to resist. So, next week, we are headed to Arambol, Goa for 4 weeks!

This is definitely going to be the highlight of our adventure in India so far! The Great Elephant Adventure was pretty spectacular, but what can beat a month of laying on the beach in 80 degree weather and playing in the warm ocean water!

Arambol is situated on the very northern coast of the state of Goa on the western shores of India.


According to it’s Wikipedia page, Arambol is a traditional fishing village that has a bohemian feel, attracting many alternative travelers…Does that sound like us, or what ?? ; )


You can view some panoramas of Arambol at

It will take us 2 days to get to Arambol from Kodaikanal. We take a bus down the mountain for 2 hours to Kodai Rd. Then we take the night train to Bangalore. We arrive there early in the morning and our connecting night train to Goa does not leave until late afternoon, so we will spend the day exploring Bangalore. From what I hear, Bangalore is a really nice city and we should find plenty to do there for the day, including eating  some good food! We arrive in Goa early the next morning and take a taxi for about an hour’s ride to Arambol.

Our next blog post will be from the tropical beaches of Goa !

Dolphin Nose

As part of the curriculum at Kodaikanal International School, each student, from 6th grade up, is required to participate in a certain number of hikes per semester. This weekend, we signed the whole family up to do a hike called “Dolphin Nose”.  It is an “A” hike, meaning it is supposedly one of the easiest.

It turned out to be 14km round trip (that is 8.7 miles for those of you who, like me, can’t conceptualize how long a kilometer is)! I was expecting a beginner hike to be a little shorter, say, at least under 5 miles! However, since we are all in fairly good shape, I figured it would be a good outing for us and a great way to explore the area.

Since we have been here for a month already, and we pretty much walk everywhere we go, I thought that perhaps our lungs had had time to assimilate to the altitude here (7000ft)……..I can’t speak for the rest of the family, but in my case, I can definitely say…..not so much ; ) I thought I was going to hyperventilate on a few of those inclines!

At any rate, the views were spectacular, all the children (there were 23 in all, on this hike) seemed to have a great time and I really enjoyed seeing parts of Kodaikanal that I had not explored yet.

Here is a slide show for your enjoyment : )


My visa was finally approved and we were able to buy our tickets! Yay! We are flying out in less than 2 weeks! Oh my, so much to do, so much to do….
We will be flying up to Vancouver, then to Hong Kong and Chennai. We get an over
night in a hotel in Chennai and then take a short flight to Madurai the next day. From there we start the long winding 3 hour drive up the mountain to Kodaikanal. Over 2 days of travel……


Here is a photo we just received of our new home. What a sweet little stone cottage! I can’t wait to see it in person…
We have been warned about that long, winding drive! “Make sure to come prepared if you tend to get carsick” they say. I plan on bringing candied ginger, peppermint essential oil, and several homeopathic remedies to help with that. What are your favorite natural remedies for motion sickness?