Life’s Little Disappointments….or are They Opportunities???


After preparing, choreographing and practicing for weeks, my daughters were finally ready to upload their video submissions to Disney’s “Shake It Up” Dance Contest yesterday (August 8), when they found that Disney had changed the deadline from August 16th to……..August 3.


Needless to say, it was a very disappointing and frustrating day for the three little girls from 3 Girls Grove : (


However, since they did such an amazing job and worked so hard, I just had to post their work here for your entertainment.


Here is “Watch Me”:


And here is “Break Out”:


Let the girls know how you liked their videos in the comment section!

New Foundation Shade!


You may recall that last month we held a contest to decide on the name of our new foundation shade. The winning entry, sent in by Maria, was Linden.



Linden is now available on the website in both full and tester sizes. See for more information and a description of our newest foundation shade, Linden!



By customer request, I have decided to create a new foundation shade. It is not often anymore that I get a chance to create new shades, so in celebration, I am having a contest to pick a name for the new foundation….


Here is a shot of the new foundation shade. It is designed to match light neutral skin tones. It is warmer than Avena, cooler than Butternut and lighter than Wheat.

Here are the rules of the contest:


*The name must be a plant name.

*The plant must be a similar color to the foundation shade.

*You must post your name contest entry in the comment section below or on our FaceBook page.

*One entry per person.

*The contest will run from Saturday, January 22, 2011, until Saturday, January 29, 2011.

*We will announce the winner in our February newsletter. If you are not yet subscribed, you can do so here.

*The winner will receive a free product of their choice from Herbs of Grace Natural Look Mineral Makeup.


Good luck and let the naming begin!